Where the sum of the parts is not greater than the whole consider the services of an experienced facilitator

The role of a facilitator

To underwrite the success / optimal functioning of a process or event…to ‘get it right first time’.

Facilitators permit you to

  • focus on where you can and need to make a difference
  • put your efforts and energies on the content and substance or the event (vs the process)

Four core-types of facilitation

  • goal directed: to achieve a specific outcome.
  • process directed: recommending working strategies for meeting event objectives; real-time provision of alternate methods / techniques
  • group directed: assisting the group with group dynamics, effective, win/win interpersonal skills / interaction for optimal benefit to all individuals, team and organization facilitated learning    interactive, experiential, participant driven learning opportunities
  • opportunities: to meet learning objectives / come to consensus on a specific subject.  Participants contribute to the information gathering, solution building and decision making processes.

Typical events / objectives

  • generating clarity and context for action (strategic planning)
  • idea generation, exploration of options and opportunities
  • idea to action and implementation (planning)
  • issue resolution
  • processes improvement / continuous improvement
  • team building

Where a good facilitator adds value:

  • objectively and constructively manages process
  • maintains focus on objectives and desired outcomes
  • engages stakeholders / participants towards consensus and action
  • encourages constructive, effective / efficient exchanges and interactions
  • surfaces the wisdom of the stakeholders / participants
  • accelerates decision making – even in large groups

The benefits:

  • a more strategic view
  • greater focus and productivity
  • a transparent and inclusive process
  • a broader view of the subject / process at hand
  • a different take on an old subject (optimistic and solutions focused)
  • accelerated decision making quicker
  • achieving meeting objectives with minimal resistance, optimal participation and enhanced morale

A good facilitator keeps the process focused and productive, helping you realize group potential / organizational performance with a blend of discipline, assertiveness, tact – and humour.

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