Amanda C E Levy

amanda-levy2 “People, time and information are an organization’s most important resources. And among these, people are the most influential.  People determine an organization’s – any organization’s – ultimate well being and success.  Everyone wants to be a winner. Sometimes we just need a little help.”

After a number of years in business and association management, Amanda became a Partner in Andros Consultants where the focus of her practice has been on assisting a broad variety of organizations and individuals to successfully implement change and organizational culture change initiatives.

An adept communicator and facilitator with strong organizational skills Amanda has a keen interest in helping individuals realize both organizational and personal goals.

Using her Adult Education background and Positive Psychology Coaching expertise, Amanda assists individuals and groups enhance their effectiveness in the areas of performance, service and management through the use of innovative strategies and practical techniques.

While described as a consummate ‘people person’, Amanda’s insights, pragmatism and ability to work in both her clients’ personal reality and the organizational context has helped many an individual and team successfully bridge the gap between intention and desired outcome.

Whether facilitating a board-level Strategic Planning session, assisting a group clarify its goals, providing a team with objective processes to build consensus without compromise, helping a group become unstuck, or simply enhancing meeting effectiveness for improved creativity and robust decision making, Amanda is able to create and maintain a safe, open and supportive environment for all group members, while keeping them task-focused and contributing.

An eclectic education, experience with a broad variety of private and not-for-profit organizations in a number of industries and an extensive exposure to different world cultures have helped Amanda to be practically successful with a broad variety of audiences and a wide range of challenges.

Ever in search of ‘the better way’, Amanda recently  founded Positive Workplace International (PWI), a dynamic group of seasoned business professionals focused on helping organizations establish and maintain workplaces where individuals flourish – as the organization itself thrives in meeting its mission.

You can reach Amanda at

1 778 985 5070 (canada)  or

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